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How does an artist have a worldwide fanbase and millions of streams without any major record label support or management? The internet is a wonderful thing, something Vacations know a lot about. They’re the local sweethearts of Newcastle, Australia. Led by frontman/emailing enthusiast Campbell Burns, and backed by Jake Johnson (Bass), Nate Delizzotti (Lead Guitar), and Joseph Van Lier (Drums), their take on guitar pop music has won over a devoted fanbase in their hometown, and overseas. A part of the No-Fi music/arts movement, Vacations are no strangers to wild house parties, packed out rooms, and international tours where they've earned their stripes performing live. When things seemed like it was dying down after their first national tour, an American fan uploaded the EP to YouTube where it gained over 100,000 views in three months. This led them to join Human Sounds Records, a label based in Atlanta who issued a tape run of Vibes + Days (1st EP) selling out almost instantly twice over. The label uploaded both EPs onto Youtube where it’s gained 750,000 hits over six months and is currently over 2 million hits. These kind of stats aren't unusual to Vacations on Spotify either, with 1,000,000 streams and rising. They’ve got fans, friends, and other bands all over asking them when they’ll be coming for a visit and maybe a tour or two. With the release of their debut album ‘Changes’ in 2018 Vacations showed no signs of slowing down. A bittersweet and nostalgic mix of arrangements, ‘Changes’ is multi-layered and rich work recorded almost entirely from home, before the neighbours complained and they had to shift the last of recording to a nearby studio. ‘Changes’ separates them from their contemporaries and highlights their development on all fronts from earlier releases like Vibes and Days. Touring ‘Changes’ resulted in a world tour, a first for the group. The tour took them from Australia to Europe, the UK, the USA and Asia. Online word-of-mouth was on full display with shows packed out by adoring fans who got their first chance to see the group live in cities like Paris, Berlin, London, and more.
 With new material on the way, it’s still early day’s in the bands career.

Responsible Agents: Joren Heuvels

Territories: Europe / Asia